a rare collection of  alaaps from Agra gharana

Puria , alaap  (20:23)

The Voice Training Process

(The following is quoted from Moni babu’s memoirs. This site neither recommends this process nor assumes any responsibility in this matter)

My voice training was mostly while standing in neck deep water in a pond. In today’s world this is not practical and may even appear torturous. The next  best alternative is, when you are completely alone, preferably around 4:30 to 5 am in the morning, do the following

* Drink a lot of water in empty stomach

* Fold your legs to sit on the heels ( Vajrasan posture ) with   the spine absolutely straight

* Concentrate on your anus

* Slowly put pressure on the lowest pitch of your voice

* Keeping the voice steady, do this till you can comfortably hold your breath 

* Do this several times for 5-6 minutes every day


(To people who came to him for advice, Moni Babu used to recommend similar training for a longer time on the lowest reed on the harmonium that one could comfortably reach. With time as the reach widened, he would recommend doing it on the new lowest pitch. He used to say that as one’s reach widened on the lower side, the higher pitch would automatically open up.)





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